In-Centre Care

There are eight In-Centre units at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre.

Dorothy J. Friars and Vista units provide a high degree of personal care and a supportive living environment to meet the needs of clients with significant physical and cognitive challenges including traumatic brain injuries.

Gateways, Horizons, Rosedale and Springdale units provide a range of care and a supportive living environments for clients with behavioural, physical, cognitive and other challenges.

Dutton Place is a unit serving male clients with behavioural challenges, some with judicial implications. Care, support and counseling is provided in a structured environment.

MacArthur offers a Psychogeriatric Program serving older adults with behavioral issues, experiencing Alzheimer or other dementias.

Program Managers and staff of In-Centre Client Care continuously explore and implement new and innovative ways to improve and expand the services provided to clients.

Each client has a specially designed Individual Program Plan (IPP) that addresses unique abilities and needs through physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, nursing, leisure, work programs and other activities.