Community Options Homes

The Community Options Program provides care and services to adults and youth who require support living in the community. Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre recognizes the value of community involvement not only in terms of self worth and esteem — participating along side ones’ contemporaries — but also in seeing the immeasurable value in removing the stigma often associated with those with differences.

Safe, stable, homelike accommodations are supported with a range of programs designed to address cognitive, psychological, emotional and/or social challenges. Programs focus on skill development (personal, social, vocational and educational) as well as opportunities through community integration. Homes accommodate from three to eight individuals.

An optimal level of staff support is provided to each client based on their needs to ensure personal growth through all aspects of positive living. An Individual Program Plan (IPP) is developed for each resident.

There are four adult homes:

Berwick House
Cambridge House
Greene House
Rainforth House

There are five youth homes:

Ashlee House
Grafton House
Greenwood House
Welsford House

Newton House (Bridgewater)