Lifestyles Program

The Lifestyles program provides work and leisure opportunities, offering pre-vocational, craft, sensory and structured programming with a focus on meeting interests and needs of clients both within the Centre and Community Options Programs.

The goal is to provide daily opportunities to learn, work and play through activities that give clients a sense of purpose, build confidence and skills, provide social interaction, and offer an outlet for creative expression.

There are several program areas: Branches, Anchors, Coffee Pot, Apple Barrel, a fitness room and greenhouse. View House of Sprouts greenhouse on Facebook

Clients participate in the area that best matches their preferences and skills. Programs are tailored to a range of cognitive and physical abilities.

Leisure programing takes place during the day and evening and includes a variety of both in-Centre and off-site activities. Community outings are usually in small groups suited for social learning situations and include activities such as shopping trips, museum tours, bowling, swimming, camping, movie nights, picnics, and sightseeing. A Client Council has input into the types of programs and activities offered. Monthly Council meetings are supported by the Lifestyles Team.

Lifestyles operates under Clinical Services utilizing a collaborative team approach.