Clinical Services

Highly-skilled professionals and experienced support staff in a range of disciplines comprise the Clinical Services Team at Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre (KRRC). In addition to providing leadership and support to in-Centre programs and Community Options homes, these committed staff provide consultation to other organizations through their involvement with both the Cambridge Community Outreach Group (CCOG) and the Learning and Technology Centre (LTC).

Many of the clients served by KRRC are very complex, and require specialized services and expertise. Each clinician looks at situations through a slightly different lens depending on whether their education and experience is in Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Intervention, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Language Pathology, Nutrition, Pharmacy, or Assistive Technology.  All, however, share common values and goals. One of the team’s joint goals is to help clients achieve the highest possible level of independence and autonomy. Clinical staff work in conjunction with front-line staff to support individual clients to achieve personal success while mitigating potential safety risks.

KRRC’s clinical team offers services which are unique to this organization, and therefore merit specific mention. These include our on-site Pharmacy, inter-disciplinary Dysphagia Team, and in-house Phlebotomist.

The majority of the work done by Clinical Services staff is  directly with and on behalf of clients, but they also participate in committee work and quality improvement activities, and regularly offer staff education. Their contribution to the fulfillment of KRRC’s Mission, Vision, and Values is immense.