In accordance with its Mission, Vision, and Values, Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre (KRRC) is dedicated to the continual pursuit of quality through life-affirming, ethical, evidence-based practices which enable clients to fulfill their aspirations and live meaningful lives in inclusive communities.

KRRC has numerous quality initiatives aimed at safeguarding the safety of clients and employees, and enhancing clients’ quality of life. The various teams within KRRC collaborate with each other and have forged partnerships with other organizations to ensure  we are using evidence-based practices, and to develop creative solutions and innovative approaches to unique problems.

KRRC has engaged in collaborative research in the past. While not a focus of our work, new opportunities will be considered provided it can be demonstrated there is a potential benefit for the individuals served by the organization.

Parties interested in engaging in collaborative research with Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre should contact Tracie-Sarsfield Turner at 902-538-3103, Ext. 171, or email

Note: Proposed collaborative research projects must be in keeping with KRRC’s policy on Research, specifically consider the inclusion of vulnerable persons, and be approved by a Research Ethics Board (REB).