In accordance with Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre’s mission statement and values of progressiveness and learning, KRRC is dedicated to forging partnerships with the community to support creative thinking and innovative approaches to encourage personal development, life-long learning, evidence-based practice, teaching, and learning.

To this end, KRRC has partnered with faculty from educational institutions to conduct research that reflects the organization’s values and continues to consider opportunities to further progressiveness and learning.

The diversity of clients and professional disciplines represented within the Centre provide a unique setting and numerous opportunities to engage in collaborative projects. For example, in partnership with faculty from Saint Mary’s University and Dalhousie University (both in Halifax) KRRC was involved in a pilot study of a pain scale for adults with Intellectual Disabilities. The results of this study resulted in a published abstract, a poster presented at a conference and development of an assessment tool.

Parties interested in engaging in collaborative research with Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre should contact Tracie-Sarsfield Turner at 902-538-3103 ext 171 or email      

Note. Given the client populations at KRRC, proposed collaborative research projects must specifically consider the inclusion of vulnerable persons and be approved by a Research Ethics Review Board external to the KRRC.