Community Outreach

The Cambridge Community Outreach Group or
CCOG offers consultation, assessments and recommendations for clients throughout the Western Region.

Individuals interested in seeing what the CCOG Team can do for them may contact Tracie Sarsfield-Turner at or 902-538-3103, X 171.

Community Outreach

Approximately 10 years ago, the Disability Support Program partnered with organizations in each of the four regions of the province to pilot a clinical consultation service. At that time, KRRC established the Cambridge Community Outreach Group or CCOG (pronounced C-COG), as it is more commonly known.

While participating in the pilot, KRRC clinicians crisscrossed the Western Region visiting other residential and vocational service providers where they provided staff training and individual consultation for clients. So successful was this pilot that CCOG was subsequently entrenched as a permanent program of KRRC.

Like many programs, CCOG was paused for a period of time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was relaunched in the fall of 2021 and referrals were immediately received from individuals and organizations anxious to obtain advice on how to improve the care they were providing to their more complex and vulnerable clients.

For every client seen, a detailed report is compiled with a summary of the relevant information collected by the clinicians during the consultation process, the results of any formal assessments that were completed, and the clinical recommendations. Print resources are frequently also included as part of the package.

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