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Director of Clinical Services

Tracie Sarsfield-Turner is a Licensed Social Worker. She came to KRRC in 1992 and worked for 20 years as a front-line Social Worker with a varied caseload.

In May 2011, Tracie took on the role of Acting Director of Clinical Services for one year. She became the permanent Director in December 2012.

As Director of Clinical Services, Tracie is responsible for an interdisciplinary team of health professionals, the Learning and Technology Centre, and the Food Services department. She also oversees the work of the Cambridge Community Outreach Group (KRRC’s clinical outreach team).

Tracie has played an integral role in a number of key KRRC initiatives including the Ethics Committee and Family Council.

Tracie completed her undergrad at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) before going on to complete her Social Work education at Dalhousie University. In 2001, she graduated from MSVU for the second time with the 6-credit Certificate in Gerontology.

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